Our Philosophy
The word Arz is an Arabic name for the cedar tree from which originates our core philosophy of the food and beverage experience which lies in the deep rooted meaning of the fundamentals of the cedar tree. The cedar tree is known for it’s  strong and deep rooted character for which Al Arz Lebanon is known for.
The cedars can be several hundred years old and can reach a height of approx. 35m which is a core value at Al Arz Lebanon and we aspire to grow and develop with UAE and the region.The most famous are the cedars of Lebanon in Arabic “Al Arz Lebanon” which are our symbol and representative of highest quality of Lebanese and Arabic food.Some cedars are also represented as the cedars of the lords i.e. “ARZ Al Rab” and grow to spread shade and give the world a whole new perspective by their rich look.Al Arz Lebanon, we have imbibed the philosophy of good and strong character by offer good and high quality food. The  cedar tree artwork on the restaurant wall is made of cedar tree from Bsharre.